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What is Check In Canada? 

Check In Canada allows consumers to search for accommodation by rate and availability, then book directly with the hotel. 

Endorsed by the Hotel Association of Canada, Check In Canada is a consortium of provincial accommodation associations, from British Columbia to Ontario, who are working together to connect guests directly to the hotels and lodging that serve them, reducing the high cost of intermediaries. Check In Canada is owned by these member based organizations, not a private, for profit entity. Its purpose is to enhance the guest experience and drive economic prosperity for Canada’s tourism & hospitality industry.

What are the Benefits of Participating in Check In Canada? 

  • A refreshed listing linked on website that connects directly to your reservation system, showing consumers your rates & availability, with no additional inventory management required by you;
  • Listing on
  • Consumers are referred to your website to book their accommodation, increasing direct bookings and reducing your distribution costs
  • Consumers can shop and compare accommodations and view consumer feedback through TripAdvisor
  • You will receive quarterly reports with a summary of referrals to your property, and
  • Most importantly, you own the relationship with your guest, increasing guest satisfaction and your own profitability.
  • Through Check In Canada, guests are connected directly to your online booking system, improving the guest experience, reducing your acquisition costs, and allowing you to build a direct one-on-one relationship with your guest.

What Does It Cost?

Because Check In Canada is owned by the accommodation industry, our goal is to keep our members’ money in their pockets. 

Check In Canada™ offers several price options:
All properties are able to participate in Check In Canada™, and you can pick the right price for your budget.

1. For $195 plus $1 per referral, your listing entitles you to:

  • Display rates & availability in consumer searches on
  • A direct link to your reservation system, with no additional inventory management from you
  • Commission-free direct bookings.
  • Detailed quarterly analytics about where your potential customers are travelling from, their age and gender, all critical elements to help guide your marketing investments

We've taken the worry out of high referral fees. No matter how many consumers click on your listing, Check In Canada only charges for a maximum of 200 referrals per year. 

All Inclusive: $395 annual fee billed in January 2017 gives you unlimited clicks.

3. Static Listing: $195 annual fee + no clicks.

HST applies to all charges.

A referral is counted each time a visitor clicks on your property's listing. If you choose the Pay Per Click option you will be billed $1 for each click based on analytics provided to your property by Check In Canada™.