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About Us:
Accessibility Professionals of Ontario is an organization dedicated to all aspects of accessibility and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.  Our team is made up entirely of individuals with permanent disabilities, thus enabling them to provide a unique perspective on removing barriers and increasing revenue and occupancy.

Accessibility Professionals of Ontario provides organizations in the hotel, hospitality and tourism industry with consultation, training and education, as well as programs designed to ensure your guests of all abilities enjoy a delightful experience.  Our services address a number of areas, including:
  • Accessible customer service
  • Accessible communication
  • Accessible building environment
  • Guest and employee accommodation
  • Making your operation accessible does not have to result in a financial disability.  

Let the Accessibility Professionals of Ontario show you how easy and inexpensive accessibility can be.  Reach out to a large and underserved market.  The benefits to your business and your bottom line are limitless.The baby boomers make up a huge segment of an aging population.  Embracing accessibility is essential to success in today’s hospitality landscape.   

May I Pet Your Dog? Straight Talk About Service Animals (pdf download) 

It still holds true that the vast majority of registered and active service animals are dogs.  Their intelligence, kind nature and desire to work make them ideal as guides for people who are visually impaired, assistants for those with mobility disabilities or simply companions for those dealing with anxiety and other mental health disabilities.  However, the landscape is changing.  For instance, miniature horses are becoming more and more popular in North America as guides for the blind; monkeys can perform many tasks for a person with a mobility disability and some find snakes to be very soothing and calming when dealing with a mood or anxiety disorder.  Here are some guidelines for interacting with guests who require the use of a service animal during their visit to your business. To read more on service animals and the AODA, click here.

Psychological Safety – The Importance Of A Mentally Healthy Workplace (pdf download) 

The hospitality industry is often fast-paced.  It is always customer-focused.  Many roles can be considered demanding and stressful.  Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain a healthy psychological environment in your organization for all employees.  Not only will your staff be happier and more fulfilled at work, but your guests and customers will take notice and your business will benefit as a result. To read more, click here.